So much to do….

It’s been so nice here in New England, we have a new to us house, I love gardening…adds up to I need money to start my new flower beds where none exist.  And I do mean NONE.

Today I learned about lasagna gardening–and I am PSYCHED!!!  Talk about easy!  Instead of digging up everything and getting rid of all the grass, all you need to do is lay black and white newspaper on the grass and wet it!  Make sure you wet it…..this is very important!  The ink in the paper is biodegradable and will kill the grass and turn it into compost!  I’m going to cover it with organic soil for planting, so it will be a rich area for plants!  Earth worms are drawn to this, so this will help aerate and fertilize the soil even more!  If you don’t believe me, I’ll post more about it as we go along……I’m very excited about it.

Our house has the grass going right up to the house; I’m planning on changing all that.  Please stay with me and see how I transition from nothing to a full perennial bed at as little cost as I can!  I’m excited!!!

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The Beginning

Not sure what I’m doing, so I’m going to start slow and simple……….but a little bit about me!

I’m a great penny saver because I have to be……….don’t we all?  I’ve learned how to save as many pennies as I can and did a lot of the figuring on my own.  I thought maybe I could help others by listing and posting all the things I’ve found and still do to save and/or make extra money!  I figure if people know I actually do it and earn money, then I can help!  I’m not pulling your leg!

It’s me, my fiancee and a whole bunch of animals!  We are getting married in July so I am going to incorporate all the things I’m doing for the wedding to save as well here!  You never know!  Also, we bought a house last August, and just redid our half-bath, new toilet, new vanity and all, for UNDER $100 out of pocket!!  Want to know how?? Stay tuned please!

My goal is to help people by having all the info in one place………I don’t know how to do giveaways, I just want to help you save money.  It’s one thing we ALL have in common….peace out for now!

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